Electric car sales risk causing ‘two-tiered nation’ with public charging concerns

Electric cars are being sold disproportionately to people with driveways as the public charging network struggles, according to new data.

According to new research, the rate of public charge point installations needs to more than double as electric cars are being sold disproportionately to those with driveways. A poll of over 1,700 people found that just 16 percent of electric car drivers rely on charging away from home. 

The majority – 84 percent – have access to off-street parking, which also gives them access to more affordable home energy tariffs.
This split shows a lack of faith in the UK’s public charging infrastructure, which is further driving inequalities in Britain’s electric car buying habits.
According to the English Housing Survey 2017-18, 60 percent of people have access to on-plot parking which would allow direct access for an electric charging point to be fitted.
The remaining 40 percent of homeowners do not have access to at-home parking, which would allow a charging point to be fitted to their home 
According to Zap Map, at the end of September, there were 34,860 electric vehicle charging points across the UK, across 20,888 charging locations. 
This represents a 35 percent increase in the number of charging devices since September 2021.
Last month, 1,126 new EV charging devices were added to the Zap-Map database.In August, the figure was 1,594 and in July

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